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For over 40 years, Edmund Rice Camps Victoria have provided residential camp experiences for young people and families facing adversity. Developed and grown in Melbourne, Eddie Rice Camps have spread across the world and continue to provide an opportunity for intense relationship and confidence building through a 1:1 ratio of participants to volunteers.  Each year, we provide a range of camp programs, detailed below.

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On camp children are able to laugh, play, sing, dance, run amok and have fun – things that most Australians view as essential ingredients of growing up. For the children who attend, the camps also promote personal growth and the development life skills, and enhance a sense of value and worth.

Our 1:1 ratio allows for one-on-one attention, with which many children thrive. Many of the benefits stem simply from the kids being able to spend time with compassionate, caring and enthusiastic people who can act as positive role models in their lives. 

Camps also serve the purpose of providing short-term respite care. This allows the families or carers of children the chance to cope with their difficulties, secure in the knowledge that their children are being well cared for and having fun.

We use a variety of campsites which all provide cabin accommodation, onsite cooked meals and large recreational spaces. We travel in 12 and 22 seat buses. 

Key activities on a kids camp include visiting a local farm, swimming at the beach or pool, over-night camp out, bike riding, archery, art and craft, cooking, games and free time. ​

kids camps


family camps

The family unit, however you define it, is the cornerstone of our community. A community that cultivates the strengths of families with time, effort and imagination will be rewarded with a community that flourishes and grows.

A strong family, more than any other force, shapes the attitudes, the hopes, the ambitions, and the values of children.


We believe strong families are not accidents but rather the result of attention and support. Our family camp programs help and support families to become stronger and therefore better able to nurture and support their children.

Our camps focus on not simply providing an escape from the difficulties of home, but also building a sense of familial unity, bonding, resilience and strength.  Social isolation is addressed as many families establish relationships with each other and a sense of community.

Referring agencies regularly tell us that our family camps provide a rare opportunity for families to have a holiday from the stresses of their lives and build relationships with others who can genuinely empathise with their
challenges and struggles.

teen boys camps


Our teenage boys camps places a high focus on adventure and resilience-building activities with plenty of support.  Our 1:1 ratio of volunteers to participants ensures we can support the boys to develop social skills, self-confidence and role-model healthy, respectful interactions. Our teenage boys camps create a real sense of belonging to a short-term community.  

Our volunteers are trained in engaging this age group and encouraging positive interaction and relationship building. 

We use a variety of campsites which all provide cabin accommodation, onsite cooked meals and large recreational spaces. We travel in 12 and 22 seat buses. 

Key activities on our Teenage Boys programs include surfing, mountain bike riding, canoeing, swimming at a local surf beach, bush walks, over-night camp out, hiking and initiative activities.

teen girls camps


Our teenage girls camps provide an inclusive and open atmosphere supporting young women at a 1:1 ratio. 

We use a variety of campsites which all provide cabin accommodation, onsite cooked meals and large recreational spaces. We travel in 12 and 22 seat buses. 


This camp provides fantastic role-modeling for young women, where self-confidence and enjoyment are celebrated, creating a real sense of belonging to a camp community and into wider society.

Activities on the camp include canoeing, swimming, surfing, art and craft, self-care and well-being, games and sports. ​

Each year, we partner with key social service agencies to deliver a tailored program for their participants. Recently, these have been our Indigenous Kids Camps Programs, kids and family camps in partnership with Edmund Rice Community & Refugee Services and camps for families with kinship care arrangements. These programs provide an intensive experience for those engaged with the service to consolidate and develop the knowledge and skills gained, all whilst experiencing the Edmund Rice Camps Victoria magic. The Edmund Rice Camps Victoria office team will work with you to carefully and attentively design a program to meet the needs of your participants. Often this may involve specialised activities, training sessions or requirements to ensure the program meets your needs and desired outcomes. We have a restricted number of places for partnerships camps across the year. To schedule your camps or to discuss further, please contact our office

Partnership camps

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