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In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in Victoria, we are thrilled to announce that Edmund Rice Camps Victoria is going online. We have proudly developed a new programs that aims to:

  • Build connection between children to maintain social skills

  • Build the protective factors of RESILIENCE and CONNECTION to support children through experiences of adversity

  • Develop a toolbox of healthy activities

  • Engage children in self-care practices

  • Have fun!

Due to considerations regarding current physical distancing restrictions in force within Victoria during August 2020, the programs will be entirely run in an online space to mitigate any risks associated with the physical presence of volunteers or participants. All contact with volunteers and participants will be made via phone or zoom from their own separate locations.

The proposed program will take place over the 8 weeks, leading up to and including the September school holidays.  Participants will meet with our Volunteers weekly for 1 hour and will involve a series of sessions for the children, focusing on different key outcomes. Each week, the session will involve different games, activities, tasks designed around building relationships, resilience and having fun! 

Please feel free to contact our office for more information! We hope to see you online soon!

Applications are now open for this program - information for referrers can be found here

Click here to Volunteer on this program

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