Our Programs

Here's a more in depth look at the programs we provide and how we develop them.

our program ethos

the edmund rice camps victoria magic 

We empower young people to grow, have enriching relationships and be emotionally healthy people. In turn, break the inter-generational cycle of adversity. We aim to raise emotionally well, empowered, active and capable young people who can connect with others and with the work around them; who look to their future with hope and possibility. 

an evidence-based program

We know that experiences of adversity in childhood can impact mental health, well-being and social connectedness in children, adults and families. 

This can harm a child's social-emotional development and can create conditions leading to social isolation and disconnection. This in turn, can impact a child's sense of well-being, social skills, relationships and sense of self. 

Edmund Rice Camps Victoria aims to mitigate these impacts and promote protective factors to both reduce the likelihood of harm, and build resilience to prevent against further harmful impacts.  


We use Volunteers in a 1:1 ratio to build relationships with our participants - they provide fun, care and individualised attention. Relationships are built through doing fun activities together. The value of these activities is enhanced through the presence of the volunteer mentor relationship. 


Our activities are focused on building resilience in the children, adolescents and families that attend our programs. With our volunteers by their side, our participants are supported to challenge themselves and try new things. 

we target:




sense of self



problem solving

social skills

life skills


Our participants develop the capacity and confidence to connect with others, paired with the discovery of skills and interests, to help them engage and find shared enjoyment.  

We assist our participants to confidently engage with the world around them, reducing isolation and disconnection. 

our current programs

Our Kids Camps are regular programs that offer a wide range of activities and opportunities for growth and fun! They are typically in the summer and winter school holidays and bring together participants and volunteers for a week of care, acceptance, and fun! They are residential programs and are fully catered. Our volunteer leaders get creative and create a unique camp program each time.These programs typically run for children aged 8-11 years. 

Our Teenage Boys and Girls camps are some our most impact full programs.  On these programs, participants can enjoy a week of fun, challenge, relationship building and growth. Great friendships will be formed and additional adventure-based activity is experienced that develops confidence and resilience.These programs typically run for teenagers aged 12-15. 

Our Family Camps focus on not simply providing an escape from the difficulties of home, but also building a sense of family unity, bonding, resilience and strength. Social isolation is addressed as many families establish relationships with each other and a sense of community. The program invites parents/carers/guardians to bring their children along to enjoy the experience. The program includes activities for guardians separately and alongside their children. These include the typical Edmund Rice Camp activities –  games and quizzes, sporting activities as well as opportunities for respite for guardians. 

Our family camps are open to participants of all ages! 

Each year, we reserve a restricted number of camps for service agencies to partner with us. This is an incredible opportunity for agencies and programs to provide an intensive experience for their participants all whilst experiencing the ERCVIC magic. 

Opportunities are limited so get in touch quickly!

This program is designed especially for senior secondary students and provides a unique opportunity for students to experience their city from a different perspective. 

A perfect program to raise awareness and ignite students' passion and call to action!