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submit a referral form

For a young person or family to attend our programs, we require a referral form to be completed for each participant. This ensures we have a robust understanding of every participant on our program and can appropriately respond to their needs and any concerns that may arise. 

Each referral form must be completed by a non-relative who holds a position of responsibility or qualification, such as a Caseworker, Social Worker, Psychologist or Teacher. It is expected that this person knows the referred child well enough to comment on their suitability for an Edmund Rice Camps program.

The purpose of the referral form is to ensure, as far as practicable, that the safety of the referred participant, as well as the other camp participants and the staff is not compromised by accepting a referred child who might demonstrate behaviour that is inappropriate and beyond the ordinary capacity of an Edmund Rice Camps volunteer. ​

Please ensure your application is completed with as much detail as possible and a 24 hour phone number is provided. 


Please contact our office if you would like to discuss an application.  

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