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Welcome to Edmund Rice Camps Victoria! We're thrilled to share with you the opportunities to camp with us in 2022 and 2023 through the Department of Education's Positive Start Initiative. 

For all general Positive Start inquiries, please contact our Team Leader on 0408 454 156 or

holiday camps for young people

Utilising young adult volunteers matched with program participants on a 1:1 ratio, our camp experiences provide an opportunity for intense relationship and confidence building for program participants through undertaking adventure and fun-filled activities together.   


On camp, children are able to laugh, play, sing, dance, run amok and have fun – things that most Australians view as essential ingredients of growing up. For the children who attend, the camps also promote personal growth and the development life skills, and enhance a sense of value and worth.


Our 1:1 ratio allows for one-on-one attention, with which many children thrive. Many of the benefits stem simply from the kids being able to spend time with compassionate, caring and enthusiastic people who can act as positive role models in their lives. 

Key activities include Initiative activities such as a High Ropes Course and Flying Fox, along with Swimming, an over-night camp out, bike-riding, archery, arts and craft, ball sports, games and team building activities, along with lots of creative fun and some free time!


Applications open early February for Autumn camps


school camps

Utilising skilled facilitators, our School Camp programs provide opportunities for students  to build relationships with peers, develop resilience, grow and challenge themselves,  building their self-esteem, confidence, and well-being.


Set on the banks of the Yarra River in Lower Plenty, Melbourne, our School Camps are held at Edmund Rice Centre Amberley on 20 acres of land encompassing beautiful native bushland and with a breadth of activities on offer. 


Students are encouraged to have fun and to be active through a range of games, sports and adventure, creative, nature-based, and challenge activities.  Such activities encompass low ropes course, archery, nature-based challenge activities, guided river walks, sports such as basketball and tennis, initiative activities, bike riding, team building games and much more. The centre also  provides multiple indoor spaces and activities can be adapted to be indoors in incremental weather. Activities are designed to encourage communication, collaboration, connection, leadership and reflection across the 3 day/ 2 night program.

UPCOMING availabilities

Please contact our team to discuss a Positive Start School Camp with us

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