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Celebrating Corey Gardner - 50 Camps!

Congratulations Corey Gardner – 50 Camp Volunteer

At the ERCVic Volunteer Appreciation BBQ this summer, we congratulated Corey Gardner for volunteering on 50 Edmund Rice Camps! We sat down with Corey and asked him some questions about his time with ERC:

Why did you start volunteering with ERC?

I started volunteering with ERC because I wanted to give kids and families the life-changing experience that I had with ERC when I was younger.

What keeps you coming back to volunteer?

The ever-changing kids on camp, and also the kids who return year after year. It’s incredible to see how much they’ve grown and learnt over the years.

Do you have a favourite memory?

Being told by a camper who I have camped with many times that their favourite part of the year is when they get to camp and catch up with myself and other volunteers.

What’s next for you and ERC?

Who knows what the future holds but hopefully more camps!

We are so grateful for the contribution Corey has made to Edmund Rice Camps Victoria over the years. Anyone who has camped with Corey, will remember his ability to engage with children, his sense of humour and most of all, his passion and love for ERC!

Well Done and Thank You Corey!!


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