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ERCVic 2022 Giving Day

On Wednesday, December 7th, we want to raise $45,000 to help continue to provide life-changing experiences throughout 2023.

We need you to help us spread the Edmund Rice Camps magic to children and families who need it. ON our camps we rise together by providing opportunities for personal development, mentoring, and of course a bit of fun.

On Wednesday, December 7, we need you to help us fill our balloon. With the support of our incredible matching donors - the SAT Foundation, St Kevin's College, St Patrick's College and our Advisory Council and Staff, all donations taken on the day will be tripled.

$10 becomes $30, $25 becomes $75, $150 becomes $450.

We do it with our 1:1 ratio of children to volunteers. This enables our volunteers to give a single child their full attention and presence and allows for an intensive period of positive role modelling, mentoring, and relationship building. We know that by the end of a camp:

  • 92% of kids walk away feeling more confident in their skills and abilities

  • 100% of kids report making friends

  • Positive role modelling (96%) and working 1 on 1 with (85%) are the most important supportive elements for kids according to our volunteers

  • Over 2/3rds of kids will end camp seeing themselves becoming Leaders on camp one day

Camps change the way children look at themselves, how they feel about who they are, and what they can contribute to the world around them. We know our programs make a difference, and that they are vehicles for change in the journeys of children, families, and our volunteers.

We believe that every child, no matter the circumstances, deserves a safe and happy childhood, and a hopeful future. Help make that future a reality.


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