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Children and Young People

At Edmund Rice Camps Victoria we are continuously seeking to engage in best practice which works to prevent and minimise the risk of harm to children and adults who engage with any services run by, or in collaboration with Edmund Rice Camps Victoria. We seek to ensure that all those who hold a duty of care for children and vulnerable adults are aware of their responsibilities to respond to safety concerns that arise.

ERCVIC's Safeguarding Principles

Zero Tolerance

of Abuse

Abuse towards a child or adult is not tolerated. The welfare and best interests of children and adults is paramount.

Existence of risk for Children

ERCVIC acknowledges that barriers to child safety still exist within our society and, for that reason, persistent efforts to safeguard children and adults from harm are required.

Diversity Respected

All individuals are unique and will be treated equally and fairly. The views of children and others are highly valued. Everyone has the right to be safe regardless of any diversity factors such as attributes, socio-economic status, nationality, sex, culture, ethnicity, beliefs, health, or any other status.

Professional Responses

All concerns regarding the safety, development or wellbeing of a child or adult will be managed with a high degree of professionalism and appropriate confidentiality will be maintained. Our practices seek to ensure that all parties involved in the process will be appropriately supported.

Shared Responsibility

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that a culture of safety is fostered and maintained within the organisation and its associated services. All ERCVIC staff and volunteers are committeed to the safety and protection of children and adults. 


Processes related to effective documentation, monitoring, and review procedures are practiced that support and inform management and staff to ensure their safeguarding roles and responsibilities are being conducted to the best of their ability.

By working to uphold these principles and/or rights, we are seeking to recognise and demonstrate genuine respect for the inherent value, dignity, and worth of all. Through this commitment, we are also demonstrating respect for basic human rights as this is the cornerstone of developing strong communities in which every member feels safe and secure, together with a having a sense of connectedness and belonging.

For a copy of our Safeguarding Policy click here.

For more infomation regarding Child Safeguarding or to raise a concern, please contact Jennifer Lewis - Edmund Rice Ministries Oceania Safeguarding Coordinator on 0438 917 505 or

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