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gem program


The GEM program, "Growing Eddie Memories", combines the most impactful moments of an Edmund Rice Camps program into a one day engagement.

The program aims to give the participants space to:

  • engage in play-based fun and in-the-moment experiences

  • take risks and develop risk-taking skills in a supportive environment

  • enjoy an environment where each person is accepted as they are

  • be playful and silly

  • develop trust to move out of their comfort zone into the growth zone

  • be one’s authentic self and engage in genuine relationships

  • be part of a team, family and community and build identity within those units 

GEM programs are delivered for children, teenagers and for families throughout the year. Programs are open to general referrals or can be delivered in partnership with an agency. 

Upcoming GEM programs can be found on our Programs & Events calendar. For more information or to schedule a partnership GEM program, please contact our office

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