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2019 Volunteer Awards!

We awarded our 2019 Volunteer of the Year awards at the Volunteer Appreciation BBQ in February. We’re sure you’ll join us in congratulating the following Volunteers for their valued contribution to ERCVic in 2019:

Chris Galle 2019 Volunteer of the Year

"Chris’ work for ERC is not always obvious to your everyday camper but is most evident but not limited to his incredible work with the Shed Committee. I personally as a Shed Committee member receive personal messages about upcoming Shed Days and options of dates I can attend throughout the year regardless of how often I can attend. Chris puts his mind to work in delegating tasks, writing up plans and working with his team. Chris also is a consistent member of the Leader Formation Committee attending various NLTDs and has even trained two groups of upcoming Captains, with his own pre-organised program plans, notes and attention to detail. Additionally as a Volunteer, Chris donates his time to camp in various roles, support camps he is not attending and even donates his spare money from work which just goes to show how dedicated and involved Chris is."

Dan Burston 2019 Rising Star

"Dan really uses his experience to form incredible connections with his buddies. He always has a smile on his face and is willing to make a complete fool of himself to bond with a participant. That commitment to doing why it takes to connect with a kid is exactly what I think ERC is about."

"Dan has shown great attitude towards not only his time on camps and interactions with the other leaders and buddies, but also aiming to assist with other aspects of camp life. He also has shown the ropes on how to create good bonds with buddies as to fully enhance their experience."

Annabelle Comerford

2019 Coach of the Year "Annabelle is one of the strongest women I know. Whenever faced with a challenge she is able to rise up and not only deal with her predicament but also manages to support anyone else struggling. Many times this year she has gone beyond her role and taken on responsibility for things she shouldn't be thinking about. Annabelle is someone I can rely on and talk to no matter what the situation is. "

"Annabelle has coached on some really tough camps over the past year and not once have I seen her seem stressed (even if she doesn’t believe me when I tell her this). She holds herself so incredibly well when dealing with these tough and stressful situations that you would never know anything was wrong."

Ella McCarthy 2019 Group Leader of the Year

"Ella is a natural born leader and showed this trait whilst on the 2019 Indigenous Camp. Ella applied numerous examples of leadership, calmness and compassion whilst on this camp and should be awarded this award"

"She always maintains a level head, is so passionate about the kids, has handled so many incredibly challenging situations (especially on the Easter weekend camp) and still left camp with a smile on her face. She is bubbly and engaging."

Miguel Regalo 2019 PF of the Year "Miguel just has the ability to calm anyone down. He was such a kind and caring nature that it is impossible not to feel comfortable and relaxed around him. He brings something special to PF and designs the most meaningful and engaging activities that are the perfect way to end each day on camp."

"10/10 human he should win every year. Miguel is amazing and so funny, always so supportive, kind and wholesome"

"Miguel was my first PF on camps and ever since then we have become such good friends both on camps and outside. He's such a great person to confide in and always has the best advice."

Sean Downes 2019 Captain of the Year

"Sean was amazing helped us feel so much at ease was always there to lend a supportive ear or to step in during a meltdown. He did not give up during a very difficult camp"

"Sean was an inclusive, sincere, flexible and considerate captain. In his leadership role, not only does he never shy away from sharing his passion and love for camps with participants and volunteers, but Sean also connects, communicates and empathises with everyone in a way that makes them feel appreciated, valued, and capable of giving something of themselves to the betterment of the camping experience. Moreover, Sean has consistently exhibited a careful awareness of his camp participants’ needs, and time and again, has skilfully and creatively altered aspects of a program to better reflect their interests and concerns. One of the most admirable captain qualities Sean possesses comes to light in the PF space - after each day of organisational frenzy, Sean continues to build an atmosphere of trust amongst volunteers by virtue of his commitment to reflection, learning and “courageous vulnerability” - by sharing of himself with the group, he encourages others to do the same."

We were also able to recognise some of our Volunteers who have reached camp milestones across 2019. Well done everyone, and thank you for your incredible dedication and contribution!


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