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tax time: donate before june 30!

Are you in a position to support our 2020 Tax Appeal?

The end of the Financial Year is fast approaching which means it is the last chance to make a tax-deductible donation for this Financial Year!!

If you are in a position to, would you consider donating to ERC Victoria?

COVID-19 has financially impacted many within our community along with our capacity to fundraise and run our fee-for-service programs.  With the need of those in our community increasing and our programs poised to support the much needed social re-connection, please help us continue this all-important work. 

Whilst we do recognise that there are many within our volunteer community who are experiencing their own financial impacts, for those that might have been able to save money at this time,  please consider contributing to our 2020 ERC Vic Tax Appeal.

Every year, the work we do positively changes the lives of hundreds of kids and families in Victoria who are in disadvantaged and fragile situations.  Our camps and volunteer programs provide opportunities to children, young people and families, including those in indigenous and refugee communities. We offer growth, support and enjoyment in an atmosphere of acceptance, care and fun. 

What your gift can do:

  • $10 can provide meals for a person on camp for a day

  • $80 will pay for all activity fees for a child on a kids camp.

  • $100 will pay for the first aid qualification for one of our young volunteers

  • $2,000 will pay for all activities on a teenage kids or family camp

  • $6,000 will provide accomodation for a 4 day long kids camp

  • $10,000 can provide for a 4 day long kids camp

  • $14,000 can provide for a 5 day long Teenage Kids Camp

  • $15,000 can provide for a 5 day Family camp

All donations made to Edmund Rice Camps Vic of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian residents. By making a donation before June 30, you'll not only be helping us continue our mission, but you'll also receive a tax deduction.

how can i donate?

You can Donate Here

Click here to find other ways you can support our organisation!



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